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Remain IC! Characters shouldn’t suddenly change personality. Gradual development of flaws and strengths is expected and encouraged, but sudden, unexplained personality flips aren’t. If your character is ‘Kill all land dwellers’, they should not one day wake up wanting to hug a land dweller... Unless it’s explained on their application.

No god-tier-moding! Don’t control other character’s actions and reactions: However powerful your character is, they can’t automatically land hits. At the same time, no character is invincible and you shouldn’t automatically dodge every attack. If you’re going to fight, talk to the other player!

One original character to every two canon-based characters you play! An original character is one entirely original and created by you, a canon-based character is anyone based off one created by Hussie ie. Normal Karkat or purple-blooded Karkat. If you play two canon-based characters, you’ll need an OC before you can apply for any more.

Read the faq! Please, read it.

Use your speech quirk! Except in situations where there’s an in character reason not to, your character should always be speaking and typing in the speech quirk described in your application.

Remember your culture! Your characters should be influenced by where they came from! Trolls have a very different culture to humans, human countries and centuries have different cultures to each other, and alien cultures should be at least somewhat alien!

No underage sexual activities! If your character is under 16, please limit yourself to sloppy make outs and nothing beyond. If your character is over 16, please move anything sexual into a journal post and off the main community.

Finally, and most importantly: Have fun!


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