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Okay, you've been getting dive-bombed by these consorts for far too long. Granted, you've probably managed better than most, since you're able to turn yourself invisible...but you can't maintain that constantly, and they just go back to harassing you every time you reappear. Something must be done.

==> Deploy chain-flail.

Consorts or not, no one could claim that these shitty crows haven't earned what's coming to them. Aren't you lucky you stole chose a long-range strife specibus? You're equally lucky that you've had enough free time over the sweeps to get pretty good at using it.

==> Nail a crow right between the eyes.


That looked painful.

Of course, there's still quite a lot of them, and only one of you. As satisfying as that was, you're not really getting anywhere this way. How are you ever going to climb that tower?

==> Have an idea.

Now that could work.

Maybe you can just...angle your throw like so...and...

==> Do something awesome.

Hell yes.




Having lassoed yourself a consort, you have now acquired a FLYING CROW MOUNT. It's no coincidence a runt troll like you has survived as long as you have.

Time to ascend this tower in STYLE.

Oh, and you should get in contact with Trollpunzel or whoever it is that's at the top of this thing.

==> Open memo.

CURRENT artfulTransgressor [CAT] RIGHT NOW opened public transtimeline bulletin board HELL FUCKING YES.


CAT RIGHT NOW opened memo on board HELL FUCKING YES.

CAT: yeah so i told you i could handle this shit
CAT: orangeblood whose name i dont haVe yet
CAT: and you can now consider it officially handled
CAT: im on my way up
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CURRENT vigilantAegis [CVA] opened public transtimeline bulletin board Locations.


CVA RIGHT NOW opened memo on board Locations.

CVA: okay \\\e need to get organized spacially too not just \\\ith \\\ho can break reality
CVA: ordinarily i'd \\\ait for so///ebody else to do this but fuck that
CVA: \\\e need to figure out \\\here everybody is right no\\\.
CVA: current session players it \\\ould be great if you could tell us \\\hat lands \\\e're dealing \\\ith here in a useful and non-sarcastic ///anner cause i kno\\\ for sure i'/// not in locad any///ore.
CVA: this place is dark and there's \\\ater every\\\here, for one. \\\here is everybody else stuck?

game start!

Sep. 1st, 2011 06:36 pm
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CURRENT chilledCircuitry [CCC] RIGHT NOW opened public transtimeline bulletin board welcome.


RIGHT NOW opened memo on board welcome.

CCC: hi
CCC: so youve got some questions
CCC: better do one thing before we start

has disabled replies from those other than original poster on board welcome.
CCC has disabled new memos on board welcome.
CCC has flagged this memo as important.

CCC: no interruptions now
CCC: so welcome
CCC: youve got questions
CCC: im here to answer them
CCC: this isnt your session
CCC: we probably arent even from the same universe
CCC: similar maybe
CCC: but different
CCC: this session was supposed to be null
CCC: our space player got killed
CCC: so we brought you here
CCC: or that was the plan
CCC: somethin went wrong
CCC: still dont know what
CCC: but th program messed up
CCC: cant stop bringin people in
CCC: cant send em home
CCC: but the send home bit still works
CCC: a bit
CCC: at random
CCC: cant tell when
CCC: so if youre not a space player
CCC: sorry
CCC: my bad
CCC: try not to die
CCC: and youll get back eventually
CCC: if you are
CCC: we need your help
CCC: breedin duties or somethin
CCC: not sure what you do
CCC: but you do
CCC: then we can go kill th black king
CCC: an be on our way
CCC: an th program should stop once were out f here
CCC: should
CCC: an one more thing
CCC: youre gonna see some weird stuff
CCC: the session looks like its glitchin
CCC: i think ive already seen some
CCC: imps with stuff we never prototyped
CCC: looks pretty weird
CCC: so there it is
CCC: im done here
CCC: gonna go check out prospit for more signs of glitchin
CCC: im out
CCC: oh wait
CCC: one more thing
CCC: if you have anything to say, just go ahead and troll me directly
CCC: easier than letting this memo get cluttered up
CCC: from everyone who'll ever be here
CCC: at once
CCC: ok
closed memo.


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