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Name:Paradoxstuck: A Homestuck RP
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In another universe, one very similar to one we are all already very familiar with, a group of trolls began to play a game. Their home was bombarded by meteors, but they all escaped into the Medium, and it seemed that everything was fine. Their campaign lasted almost a full month, but they seemed to have it all covered. But as they began to clone the Genesis Frog, their Hero of Space was slain, their duty incomplete. Their session, it seemed, was now null.

But their computer expert had an idea. Paradox space was connected. There wasn’t multiple instances of it, there was just vast swathes of it repeated across each session. Therefore, this troll reasoned, why not just borrow one of their space players? So this troll took their copy of the Sgrub game grub, looked into the code, and began to execute this idea.

And so their little session of paradox space began to consume others, one player at a time. Small glitches in the program would occasionally bring across imps, as well. The programmer thought this odd, but it had been constructed in haste, so she didn’t pay it too much mind. But unfortunately, this just foreshadowed a bigger problem- She could not shut off the program. So it continued to spiral out of control, dragging in players from other universes, other timelines, all without warning or way to undo it.

And so those taken are trapped in this new null session, as paradox space slowly tries to kill them all.


This is an alternate universe Homestuck game, accepting canon, alternate universe and original characters.


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All three moderators handle applications and game activities. General questions about the game should go to the FAQ. Private questions and concerns should go to the screened mod contact.

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