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004 ☂ Don't underestimate the things that I will do

CURRENT desolateEmissary RIGHT NOW opened memo on board OPERATION GET UNPARADOXSTUCK.

CDE: ...I warned you all, didn't I...?

Normally, you wouldn't gloat- but then normally, trolls tended to at least take the things you said under consideration. You figure a little smugness is in order.

CDE:, what have we learned...?

That done, you turn away from the console and head out to the edge of the glass, making sureyour things are all carefully tucked in your modus- no good getting anything that isn't waterproof wet, after all. That done, you unsheathe your sword and jam the tip of your parasol into the glass and over the edge. You've gotten hungry and you've long since realized there are proper fish in these waters.

Anyone that comes by on the surface is going to want to watch out. You're going to throw your catch to the surface, and it's not going to be small.
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CTD: blood loss is terrible for the skin?
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CTD: yeah
CTD: i'm probably going to be feeling this for a week
CTD: longer
CTD: i was gonna say "healers are useful" at first
CTD: there's only so much one can do with vitality gel
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CTD: there was one i know of
CTD: sorta
CTD: not sure how much she could've done if coming here hadn't
CTD: nerfed everything
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CTD: unfortunate doesn't even begin to cover it
CTD: but yeah you said it
CTD: though maybe with the new prototypings around, scaling will pick up
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CTD: be surprised if anyone likes it
CTD: as if our own games aren't enough of a shit house already

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