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==> Ridian: Attempt to locate Moirail

CURRENT adroitDilettante RIGHT NOW opened memo on board OPERATION GET UNPARADOXSTUCK.

CAD: Where the hell is Zurahe?
CAD: Where the fuck did she go?
CAD: Hey, codebrat, you're the one who handles all this bullshit
CAD: Where?
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Sitting beside him, you attempt to reach out to him (with your unwounded arm, since the other one was still throbbed occasionally even after acquiring more VITALITY GEL.

easy now
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The fact he even lets you touch him at all is a good sign, and you shift a little closer to wrap your arm around his shoulders, other hand taking his.

yeah i know
i know
but think of it as
maybe she's out of this mess at least
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who could forget ey
i could say the same about you

You squeeze him back and nuzzle his cheek, keeping your own breathing slow and steady and hoping he'll follow your example and help him stay calm.

the little muso will manage somehow
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You snicker and plant a soft kiss against his temple, holding him close.

any time, champ, any time

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RIGHT NOW responded to memo.