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PAST chilledCircuitry [PCC] 72 HOURS AGO opened memo on board OPERATION GET UNPARADOXSTUCK

PCC: know it wont mean much t people
PCC: sorry bout bfore
PCC: m still a little fuzzy n what happened
PCC: but m gonna try t explain here
PCC: evryone should probly read this
PCC: ts important
PCC: t evryone
PCC: started when bayamo n morn
PCC: morn
PCC: mo
PCC: ra
PCC: na
PCC: damn i need t set up n autocorrect
PCC: got sent out f th session
PCC: dunno how
PCC: r i didnt
PCC: tried t fix t
PCC: tried t rip open th program an fix t while ts runnin
PCC: didnt work
PCC: nstead
PCC: t broke th search specifications
PCC: n ripped open a hole n space n my hive
PCC: went away but
PCC: fr a sec
PCC: i guess that was th furthest ring
PCC: there were some
PCC: really fucked up
PCC: dunno how t describe em
PCC: but they sang
PCC: an the next thing i remember
PCC: i was wakin up a bloody mess
PCC: but
PCC: i heard a little bit
PCC: remember a little bit
PCC: m program
PCC: seems like its been hijacked
PCC: by those things
PCC: said theyre gathering players with t
PCC: dunno why
PCC: f they said i was out by then
PCC: so
PCC: guess all this means
PCC: think we cn kill things from th furthest ring
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PAST tympanalicDesign [PTD] 24 HOURS AGO responded to memo.

PTD: uh aren't those the things derse dreamers talk about
PTD: you're sure they hijacked the program
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CTD: okay well
CTD: you sure
CTD: killing them
CTD: is the best option
CTD: if they're anything like the emissary

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