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1| Aldara intro

CURRENT sapphireChorus [CSC] RIGHT NOW opened memo on board CHIRP.

CSC: okay
CSC: i need to know
CSC: what the chirp♪
CSC: hell is~ going on here?
CSC: i was~ in the middle of s~omething you know
CSC: a quick ans~wer is the bes~t right now
CSC: i will chirp♪
CSC: ques~tion whoever ans~wers~ this~ next
CSC: but really
CSC: all this dus~t or chirp♪
CSC: whatever it is~
CSC: its~ getting pretty annoying
CSC: if this~ is~ chirp♪
CSC: what i think it is~ chirp♪
CSC: a very bad joke i will not hes~itate to chirp♪
CSC: hurt s~omeone chirp♪
CSC: ugh
CSC: now my feathers are all ruffled

Your name is Aldara Aiolos and you are very flustered. More flustered than you really should be. Currently you are taking shelter in some ruins from all this dust. It’s disgusting and as soon as you get a response you are ditching this land for some other land if it exist. For now you will play with your hair hoping that someone responds.

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RIGHT NOW responded to memo.

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The chirping is a giveaway, but for a second there, you couldn't help but hope this was Zurahe back, with the colour acting up. You eye the memo with a twinge of sadness, then shrug and respond.

CURRENT tympanalicDesign [CTD] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.

CTD: not in your session anymore, that's for sure, mate
CTD: and bloody hell, people need to learn to check the other board/memos
CTD: come
CTD: on

WOW i am so sorry i missed this!

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RIGHT NOW responded to memo.