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I - TUTO's Intro

CURRENT callowTenebrist [CCT] RIGHT NOW opened memo on board some EXPLANATIONS are in order.

CCT: [[ Hello. I seem to have been REMOVED from my pod. ]]
CCT: [[ While I can APPRECIATE finally getting some MOVEMENT in this mess of a session. ]]
CCT: [[ Note that this happens to NOT be my session. ]]
CCT: [[ There is a DISTINCT lack of INFURIATING FLUFFBRAINS constantly pestering me, you see. ]]
CCT: [[ While I can CERTAINLY welcome getting some peace, I must raise some CONCERNS. ]]
CCT: [[ NAMELY, that whoever thought it would be a GOOD plan to drag complete strangers in to their session is likely just as FLUFFBRAINED as the dullards I have left behind. ]]
CCT: [[ And not JUST strangers. ]]
CCT: [[ POWERFUL strangers. ]]
CCT: [[ Do you COMPREHEND what I am insinuating, here? ]]
CCT: [[ I'm saying that you're going to yourselves KILLED doing this, before long. ]]
CCT: [[ If you haven't been ALREADY. ]]
CCT: [[ Is anyone even OUT there? ]]
CCT: [[ My, wouldn't that be QUAINT. ]]
CCT: [[ Dragged into a completely EMPTY session. I wouldn't be too ADVERSE to the symbolism. ]]
CCT: [[ A lone dark SPOT like me. ]]
CCT: [[ Cast stark against all the BEAUTIES of the Medium. ]]
CCT: [[ ...HEHEH. ]]

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CAC: It is not so b^d here.
CAC: I do not mind it ^t all.
CAC: ^gnir^ is working on ^ solution to the problem.

Nomshu Pensys: Be the huge bitch.

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RIGHT NOW responded to memo.

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RIGHT NOW responded to memo.

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responded to memo.